Terms and Conditions of Sales

The Terms of Use, Terms, and Conditions of Sales, and Privacy Policy are subject to updates and changes at the sole discretion of the Site Owner and Manager; please visit the site regularly for these updates.

We don't believe in "get rich" programs. Our programs and articles are meant to help you and make a difference in your life and/or business. As stipulated by law, we cannot guarantee your ability to achieve results or earn money with our ideas, tools, or strategies. We do not know you personally, and your results in life are yours alone. Do you agree with this? Our mission is simply to help you by giving you great content, directions, and strategies to move you forward. All products and services offered by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, in your coaching program, or on any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of future results or benefits. If you make decisions based on information presented in our products, our events, our services, or our websites, these should be based solely on your knowledge and your full responsibility. Exercise caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals when looking to change your lifestyle or for any question relating to your business or your finances. Take the advice of your accountant, lawyer, or professional advisor before taking action in these different areas. You are solely responsible for your decisions, your actions, and your results in life. By registering here, you agree not to attempt to hold us responsible for your decisions, actions, or results, at any time, and under any circumstances. These are detailed and precise legal notices, but we believe that transparency is important and we want to maintain a high level of integrity.

Terms of use

Please read carefully the general conditions of use of this site as well as those of all the sites listed below and bearing our name. By using these sites, you agree to the terms of use. We reserve the right to modify these conditions of use at any time and invite you to inform yourself of updates regularly. By using these sites once they have been modified, you tacitly accept these changes, whether you have read them, or have been informed of them, or not. If you decide not to accept these terms of use, we invite you not to use these sites.

Ownership of information and databases

These Terms of Use apply to your use of sites and services owned or managed by Sylwia Staron and Antoine Goldman (also referred to as "we" or "our"), including Eversind.com, and any other sites that we have owned or operated, own or operate or may own or operate in the future (collectively, "the Sites"). Unless otherwise specified, all references to the Sites in these Terms of Use include such terms. These Terms of Use do not apply to your use of non-affiliated sites to which our sites may link.

If you have any questions regarding these terms of use, please contact us with the formula present on the contact page.

Please note that these general terms of use may be added “terms of use” specific to your registration for one of our programs or live events/seminars.


The contents of our sites are protected by copyright and other commercial laws applying to trademarks and intellectual property and remain our sole property. Unless otherwise specified, you may access the information and materials contained on the sites for your personal use. You do not have the right to change, modify, erase, show, transmit, adapt, exploit, or copy the documents or information of these sites subject to copyright to distribute or sell them. You must first obtain our written permission or that of the entity that owns the intellectual property of the sites before publishing, distributing, presenting, or commercially exploiting any material from the said sites.


These Terms of Use apply only to our Sites and not to the Sites or other companies or organizations to which we link. We do not maintain, create or endorse, and are not responsible for, any content, advertising, products, or materials available on other sites, including those to which we provide a link. Under no circumstances will we be held liable directly or indirectly for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by your use of the content, products, or services available on any other site. Other sites may provide links to ours only with our express permission. To obtain our permission, please contact us at the contact details given above. We reserve the right to revoke any permission we have previously given to you or your organization to link to our sites and may require you to remove such links at any time at our sole discretion.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Some of our programs and events are subject to a satisfaction clause that offers trial and/or refund periods. If no mention is made in writing on the sales page of the product/event, it means that it is not subject to a trial period. Anyone who uses this refund right, when mentioned, can no longer purchase other Eversind products or events. Through this provision, we want to avoid our customers being once again disappointed. In addition, once the right of reimbursement has been used, this clause can no longer apply. We also want to avoid the abusive consumption of free, and the loss of time of our dedicated teams but also to reduce industrial espionage, punishable by international laws, from companies or ill-intentioned professionals.


We welcome your comments on our site. However, we will not consider submissions or suggestions for topics for our seminars or newsletters, or products. We hope you will understand that this policy is intended to avoid any future misunderstandings if an idea developed by one of our staff is similar to an idea submitted by you. Accordingly, please do not send us original documents containing ideas, suggestions, or written materials. If, despite our request, you still submit such documents to us (“Submission”), they shall become our property. We would not be bound by an obligation of confidentiality for this type of submission and would not be held responsible in the event of their publication. If you submit materials to us without our request, we shall own all rights in such submissions worldwide. We will be able to legally use these Submissions without restriction and for any purpose we choose without you being entitled to any compensation or notice regarding the use of your Submission. Considering these facts, we ask that you do not submit any creative projects to us, especially those that are confidential or personal to you.

Forums and Facebook page

By forums, we mean any message boards, chats, user review forums, or other interactive services appearing on the sites, including public and private boards. You must register by following the instructions given on the sites to contribute to any forum. You may not post vulgar, threatening, defamatory, or obscene material on the forum or harass staff or other forum participants, or any type of material or remark that would violate any person's privacy. or its intellectual rights or any other property rights, or any other post not by the law. You are not permitted to use a forum for commercial purposes. You must not post documents requesting payment, which constitute an advertisement or which invite the acquisition of products or services. You do not have the right to post documents that are false public knowledge. You are not permitted to post materials that contain offers for all products or services. You may not conduct business development with our customers in any way.

You may not post or transmit any software or other material that contains a virus or harmful component. We cannot be held responsible for materials appearing on the Site forums, except for materials endorsed by one of our representatives. We are not responsible for documents put online by users which are of a libertine or obscene nature, or of a nature to affect your private life, not respectful of copyrights and other copyrights, messages, or other documents that we consider ourselves to violate these rules either as offensive, insulting, defamatory, obscene, rude or otherwise objectionable. We also reserve the right to edit this type of document for any reason we deem justified. Whether or not we remove this type of document, the user remains solely responsible for the content or the posting of such messages or documents. By posting on the Sites, you give us and our affiliates worldwide permanent, non-exclusive permission (or whichever owner has given us such express permission) to use your questions, comments, and updates. online either in their original form or in edited form for television programs, books, articles or commentaries or any other medium now known or later developed. You also agree that you are the owner and responsible for the content of the publication posted online and that the use by the public or ourselves of this content will not infringe the copyright of any third party. In addition, you also give us access to any moral rights by posting materials that you have waived. You will not be entitled to any compensation for materials posted on these sites. Any breach will result in the deletion of the message(s) and exclusion from the forum or the private Facebook page in question.


The suspension or cancellation of the registration of any user of a forum or user in general who violates the conditions of use or recommendations of use is at our sole discretion; the same goes for any behavior that we deem inappropriate.

Liability disclaimers

The information, services, products, applications, seminar topics, and other materials on our sites are approved "as is" and without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. We are not responsible for or bear any express or implied warranty, including but not limited to the effectiveness of the ideas or success strategies listed on our sites as well as those provided in our products or given to our participants during seminars. or events. The only exception is the satisfaction and graduation guarantee which are marked as “guarantees” on our sites. Neither we nor our respective licensees or suppliers can guarantee that all functions of our sites will remain uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the sites or servers on which they are hosted are free of viruses or other components. damaging. Neither we nor our respective licensees or suppliers can guarantee or make any representations regarding the use of results from the use of services, products, information, or materials from the site regarding their accuracy, reliability, or correctness. You (and neither we nor any of our licensed representatives or suppliers) assume all costs associated with the maintenance, repair, or correction of your system. Applicable law may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. We do not endorse or are not responsible for or guarantee any speakers or speakers, products, or services offered by the sites or those to which we link. We are not a party to and do not monitor transactions between members and third-party providers of products or services.

Limit of liability

We, or our licensees or suppliers, can in no way be held liable for special or consequential damages to the use or inability to use the documents or information of the sites or of products/services provided by sites to which we are linked even if we were advised of the possibility of such damage. Applicable law may not permit the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages of such use (including but not limited to loss of data), in which case the limitation or exclusion would not apply to you. Under no circumstances will you receive from us or one of our licensees or suppliers, compensation greater than that which you have paid to us to access the sites, whether for damages or losses suffered or other causes.

We shall not be liable under any direct or indirect circumstances for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused in connection with the use of our advice, products, or services received from a guest speaker on our sites or at any of our seminars.

We are also not responsible for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by our guest speakers in connection with the publication of their photo, name, or biography on our sites or our advertising brochures.

Non-professional advice

The information contained or offered on the sites (including but not limited to information on message boards, documents, or chats) cannot replace or substitute the services of professionals trained in their field of competence, including but not limited to the fields following: financial, medical, psychological or legal. In particular, you should consult a doctor regularly for any question relating to your physical or mental health, especially in the event of symptoms suggesting the need for a diagnosis or medical check-ups. Neither we nor our licensees or suppliers warrant to you the use of any treatment or other application or use of any drug or preparation by any person following instructions offered or procured on or through the Sites. Neither we nor our partners or their affiliates shall be liable, directly or indirectly, for any consequential, special, or exemplary damages which may result in, but not be limited to, financial loss, injury, illness, or death. You are solely responsible for your decisions, actions, and results in your life, and by using the Sites, you agree at all times and under all circumstances not to seek to hold us responsible for such decisions, actions, or results.

No Liability for Winnings

When we discuss the financial aspect on any of our sites, videos or newsletters, or other material, we do our best to represent our programs accurately in their ability to improve your life or promote the expansion of your things. However, no guarantee of results is attached to these presentations regarding additional financial gain through the use of our ideas, tools, strategies, or recommendations and we do not endorse any so-called get-rich-quick methods on any of our Sites. Nothing on our sites constitutes a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your degree of success in achieving such results will depend on several factors including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business acumen, networks, and financial situation to name a few. These factors vary by individual and we cannot and do not guarantee success or a certain level of income or ability to earn that income. You are solely responsible for your actions and the results in your life and business. Any innovative statement on our sites constitutes our mere opinion and does not constitute a guarantee or promise of actual performance. It should be clear to you that legally we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from the use of our ideas or designs as presented on our sites and that we do not offer professional medical advice. , psychological or financial.

Parental permission

The Sites are not intended for children under the age of 13 and we will not collect information identified as coming from children under the age of 13. We strongly recommend that parents participate in their children's Internet exploration sessions as well as any online services and advise them to use parental control settings to limit the Internet domains to which their children have access. We may require, at our discretion, that users under the age of 18 obtain parental or legal guardian consent to access certain content and we may also limit access to certain content to users over a certain age. You agree to these restrictions and agree not to help anyone circumvent them.

Confidentiality and non-competition

Users of our sites agree here that the tools, processes, strategies, documents, and information presented on our sites are subject to copyright and intellectual property, so users agree not to record, copy, distribute, teach, or train from these documents in any way whatsoever without our express written consent. Any use or distribution of the contents, concepts, or documents, of the intellectual property of our sites without this express authorization by you or one of your representatives is prohibited and we reserve the right to exercise legal proceedings and to claim damages. and interest if these conditions are breached to protect our rights.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security and we have explained to you the measures put in place for this purpose. We control this site from offices within Canada. Persons who choose to access this site from other locations do so on their initiative and are responsible for their compliance with the law to the extent that local laws apply.

External sites (their privacy policy may differ from ours)

The site contains links to other websites, such as that of our sponsor, or links to booksellers offering products or services that our customers may find useful. These sites may ask you for information. In this case, the collection of your data will be subject to the privacy policy of the site in question. We do not control the privacy policy, content, or links that appear on these sites. We encourage you to check the policies of third-party sites or their services yourself before providing them with your personal data.

How and why we collect data

We collect your data to register you and support you in your participation in the activities you choose. For example, if you register for a seminar, the data is used to reserve a place for you, note your preferences and inform you about seminars and other relevant events. As a visitor to our sites, you can participate in many activities without providing your personal data. In connection with other activities such as registering for a seminar or participating in a prize draw, we may ask you for certain personal information when you complete an online form. Registration for this type of activity is completely optional. If you decide to participate in this type of activity, we may ask you for personal data such as your first and last names, your postal address (including your postal code), your e-mail address, your telephone number, your credit card, and other personal information. If you do not submit this mandatory data as part of these activities, you will not be able to participate in them. In any case, we will only collect your personal data with your consent. We will also explain to you how we use them or if we share them with a third party. Except in these specific cases, we will never intentionally provide personally identifiable information to any third party without your express consent. If you provide us with your personal data, you will periodically receive emails, mailings, or telephone calls from us with information about our new products or services, important topics, or upcoming events. If you wish to be deleted from a postal, telephone, or electronic (email) circulation list, please inform us by email at the following address: contact @ eversind.com. You can also inform us in writing or by telephone using the contact details given above. Please give us your exact name, email address, and phone number. We will ensure that your name is immediately removed from the relevant list. When you use our sites, we or our designated technical service provider may collect certain technical and routing data to facilitate your use of the site and its services. We use this information to administer the site and understand and measure its traffic patterns to know which places you prefer, which ones need to be improved, and which technologies are used to make it continually more efficient. This information is collected in collective form, without identifying you or any other user. We may use this collective unidentified information for statistical analysis, marketing, or promotional purposes. We or our technical service provider often track this data by using “cookies” during your visits. A “cookie” is a small amount of data that is transmitted to your search engine by an internet server and can only be read by the server that originated it. It works like an identity card and allows us to save your passwords, purchases, and preferences. It cannot be executable as code and does not carry viruses. Most search engines are set by default to accept “cookies”. You can set your search engine to notify you when you receive a "cookie", allowing you to decide whether or not to accept it. (on some web pages, authorization is requested, and "cookies" are not optional. Users who decide to refuse "cookies" will probably not be able to access these sites).

Exceptions to the Privacy Policy

Although we are committed to keeping your data private, the following exceptions apply to this rule: we will give specific information about you or your account in the event of a legal investigation, a search notice, or similar procedures. We will also provide this data in specific cases, such as an attempted breach of site security or physical harm or threat to a person or property, either to yourself or to a third party. We will also transfer data, including personal data identifying you, in the event of a corporate takeover, consolidation, sale of assets, or other fundamental structural change. In addition, the data you enter when making an online purchase or donation will be shared with payment processors. Such information may also be shared with third parties for the sole purpose of processing the settlement or transaction. Please note that if you give your personal information online on a discussion board or if you post it on a site, this information may then be collected by any third party. Although we do our best to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of your information if you post it to forums. You post such information at your own risk.


These Terms of Use are subject to the laws of France, without regard to conflicting principles of law. You agree that any legal action that would arise would be subject to the laws in place in France. If any terms of use are found to be illegal, meaningless, or for any reason unenforceable, those specific terms will be deemed void and will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms of use. In the event of a dispute, the court of Paris has sole jurisdiction to follow up on any complaint. These terms may only be changed by us, by posting changes to our sites.

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